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At Georgetown Prep, Jack Sullivan Continues His Family’s Legacy” (May 2024, Catholic Standard)

The Dedication and Blessing of the James M. Sullivan Memorial House: “At Potomac parish, new home dedicated for women with developmental differences” (October 15, 2019, Catholic Standard)

PCR Board Member Fr. Bill Byrne celebrates his 25th anniversary in the priesthood this year. To read an article about it, Click HERE. (June 13, 2019, Catholic Standard)

To read about PCR’s Basketball program collaborating with students at Our Lady of Mercy School, please click on “Eighth-Grade Basketball Game Supports PCR and MC Special Olympics” (May 2019, Our Parish Times)

The Power of One (April 2019)

Jim Sullivan Tribute (April 2019)

“Inspired by Acts of Kindness: Potomac Community Resources, Inc.,”  (November 2018, Potomac Lifestyle)

“Mountain of Work”, a tribute to Jim Sullivan by Chuck Short (10/18, Our Parish Times). Click HERE.

“Brother and sister act: St. John’s siblings honored for their service to people with developmental differences” (5/31/18 Catholic Standard). Click HERE.


Special Report “How Dioceses and Catholic Charities Accommodate and Serve People with Disabilities–CARA Nationwide Survey (Winter 2017). Click HERE.

“Special Needs Are Accommodated at U.S. Parishes” (12/16/16, National Catholic Register). Click HERE.

Article from Avenel Living, November 2016

“Creating an Inclusive Community ” in the Potomac Almanac, August 31, 2016

To read an article from America magazine about the inclusion of people with disabilities into religious life, click HERE.

Special Report “Disabilities in Parishes Across the US: How Parishes in the US Accommodate and Serve People with Disabilities”  CARA nationwide survey (Summer 2016)

“Cardinal Wuerl seen as welcoming the gifts of people with disabilities” (6/16/16, Catholic Standard). Click HERE to view.

Click HERE to read the third article in the Catholic Standard series about PCR.  This article highlights the contributions of our amazing volunteers, partners, and benefactors who were honored at the 20th Annual Patricia Sullivan Benefit on April 16, 2016.

Click HERE to view the second article in the Catholic Standard series about PCR

Click HERE to view the first article in a series in the Catholic Standard about PCR

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett was presented with the Patricia Sullivan Leadership Award at PCR’s  19th Annual Patricia Sullivan Benefit Dinner on March 19, 2015: Click here

Article about PCR’s sister organization Brookland Community Resources: Click here

PCR is highlighted in the Potomac Almanac Providing Programs For Those With Developmental Disabilities