Policies and Procedures

Deciding What to Sign Up For

In order to facilitate participant enjoyment, safety, and personal growth, we are happy to provide information on staffing ratios, skills required, and interests essential for participation in our programs. Contact the PCR Program Director at seth@pcr-inc.org for more information about PCR programs.

PCR reserves the right to determine any individual’s program participation.

Suggestions, Concerns, and Complaints

PCR programs are designed and run in response to our members’ expressed interests, needs, and preferences. We welcome your suggestions, concerns, or complaints about our programs. To do so, please email the Program Director at seth@pcr-inc.org. Any issues raised will be addressed within a week.

Support for Online Programs

Members may need supervision and assistance from their caregiver to log in to online programs and participate successfully. Caregivers will need to be available throughout the program to provide assistance as needed.

Program Security for Online Programs

Please do not share online meeting log-in, password, or meeting links with anyone. This is to ensure that all members have a safe space to participate in PCR programs. PCR will not record any program.


ALL program participants MUST register, either online or via a Registration Form mailed to the PCR office, prior to attending ANY program.


All communications from PCR will be sent via email, unless other arrangements are requested.

Changes to Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the members or their caregivers to promptly inform PCR of any changes in contact information. Information changes should be made by resubmitting a completed and updated registration form, or by emailing seth@pcr-inc.org with all of your updated contact information.