Testimonials – PCR Members and Families Speak

A Big Help

Your virtual programs have saved my daughter this past year in so many ways.

Thank You to PCR for All That You do

On Friday, March 13, 2020, the world as we knew it ended. Because of COVID-19, we had to stop all of our usual activities outside of our home. Our son had a hard time coming to terms with our new reality. He missed all of his activities. We signed our son up for (PCR) Art, Communication Counts, NoteAbles, Yoga, and Studio 3F. PCR has been instrumental in keeping our son from feeling totally isolated until the time he can be back together again with his friends in person. Thank you to PCR for all that you do and for all that you have done for our son and us, his family.

Thank You, PCR

Thank you, PCR, for the fun and especially the sense of belonging you enable in a population so vulnerable to isolation and loneliness.

Keeping in Touch With Others

My daughter looks forward to the online activities. In an extraordinary year that could have been isolating she was able to stay in touch with others.

Thank God for Zoom!

My son loves all of the PCR classes he is taking and has taken over the years. They have especially meant a lot to us during this pandemic. Thank you for the classes online, thank you for all you and PCR do, and thank God for Zoom!!!

High Quality Programs

These are high quality programs. My daughter enjoys them. The problem is deciding which ones to do. She would do them all.

Absolutely Awesome!

Thank you, PCR, for the virtual programming that you’ve done – absolutely awesome! PCR was seamless in providing that switch from in-person programming to virtual programming. You did not miss a beat! We are so grateful for everything that you do.

Eternally Grateful

I am eternally grateful for PCR. They have made my daughter’s life better, more enjoyable, and they’ve made mine more enjoyable as well. Thank you so much.

A Lifesaver

PCR was a rescue for us. Our son has been attending Yoga, Communication Counts, Movin’ Along, the social club, NoteAbles, and has been receiving a number of videos that he could do by himself. PCR has been a lifesaver for us at the time when everybody is worried about the pandemic. Thank you, PCR, for all the good work that you continue to do for us.